Leaked Crysis 2 Beta Hits Torrent Sites @ 12.02.2011
Yikes, this could get messy. Internet reports indicate that a beta of Crysis 2 has leaked online. The 9GB download is spreading like wildfire across torrent sites, with gameplay videos already appearing on YouTube (soon to be removed by EA?s legal team, surely).

Judging from information obtained on the file timestamps, this leak is fairly recent, compiled on January 13. During gameplay, it displays a watermark that reads ?Crytek ? Internal Use Only. Not for Distribution? on several scenes. A sizable chunk of content is out in the open, including single player assets. In other words, it bears no relation to the public demo Crytek plans on releasing soon.

To add insult to injury, it also includes master key files relating to DRM routines, which handle online authentication ? according to a user on Facepunch.

Crysis 2 is still a month out from release, scheduled to hit retail and e-tailers on March 22.

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